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Fresh Greens Project

Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture and hydroponics – growing fish and plants together in an integrated system.

Good, clean, fresh, honest produce, farmed ethically and sustainably using 95% less water than conventional ‘in-ground’ farming. A significant advantage of aquaponics is that unlike hydroponics, we never dump our water. In hydroponic systems, water needs to be discharged periodically as the salts and chemicals build up in the water, becoming toxic to the plants.

Our aim is to use adapted technology to meet the specific requirements of aquaponic systems, and to constantly manipulate our methods and processes. Our focus is consistency, in managing all variants, parameters and specific requirements of each plant or fish species, striving for the best possible balance.

Fish drive aquaponic systems. The more we focus on them, the better the crops we produce. We maintain the lowest possible stocking density, ensuring that each fish has plenty of space in which to swim in comfort.

The more we treat our crops with respect and the more attention we pay to their every need, the better they look after us, it’s that simple! We pride and measure ourselves on the consistency and quality of our seedlings, and final product.

It’s all about our roots, which are heavy, clean and dripping with their pure, nutrient-rich aquaponic superfood.

Within our tunnels, you will find a medley of fresh, crisp, produce as far as the eye can see. #From me to you, in 6 hours


Mozambique Tilapia

Nile Tilapia

Micro Greens

Baby Leaf


Leafy Greens

Butter Lettuce

and more…


Let us know if there are any particular greens you are looking for or,
just send us a message if you are interested in what we doing, we’d love to chat.